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We believe that communication between nations fosters greater understanding and that the English language is an important life skill. IELTS Coaching was founded in Baku almost 3 years ago. Since the early days, we have always worked with determination to maintain high standards of academic delivery and welfare for our students.

We offer a variety of English language courses to suit all levels at some of the lowest prices in the English language school marketplace. Whether you’re a beginner or preparing for your IELTS certificate, at our school you’ll find an English course for you.

IELTS preparation is the best way to score better on the English proficiency test and get your desired scores. We provide tutoring for IELTS, where learners will receive all the academic help they need to prepare for this global test. Our experienced teachers have years of experience guiding students from different backgrounds and will help them learn excellent skills to excel in the exam

IELTS training is designed to help you achieve your desired test score, so you can apply to any university around the world. IELTS training is built on a solid foundation of content knowledge and exam strategies that help you gain confidence, even if it's been a while since you last took an English-focused test or have never sat one at all. An IELTS score report will be sent to the institution or agency when you complete our course.

A mock exam helps learners to understand the pattern of the paper and make them familiar with the questions. It also gives an idea about how to utilize their time effectively and answer the test fluently

A big part of IELTS is Writing Task 1 and Writing Task 2. In this class, we will look at strategies to get a better score in IELTS by using the appropriate skills in English writing. The first part will be focussing on how to construct an argument and what types of answers are expected in order to get a higher score. The second part will focus on how to structure your essay so that you can get a better mark